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GUIBE is a company that specialises in the design, manufacture and sale of INDUSTRIAL POWER TRANSMISSION components for various industries: iron and steel, mining, food, paper, wood processing, plastic, renewable energies, transport…

We specialise in meeting the needs of the market by offering power transmission solutions and equipment: GEARBOXES, GEARS, MECHANICAL JACKS, COUPLINGS

Technology, reliability, robustness and guaranteed quality are the intrinsic qualities of our products.

A highly-qualified teamoptimisation of our production processes and the development  of proprietary technology; allow us to provide customised projects for each client, making them more competitive.

Our modern facilities, with advanced technology and continuous investment in cutting-edge machinery, give us a competitive edge that make us flexible and adaptable to the needs of each market.

Currently, GUIBE is part of the industrial business of the GOIZPER GROUP; a cooperative group, divided into 3 diversified businesses: Spraying, Industrial and Biotechnology.

To offer projects that are specially tailored to meet the needs of the client.

To be a leading company in the manufacture of gearboxes and gears. To offer a technical support and maintenance service for every type of gearbox made by us and other manufacturers, with the level of flexibility, quality and commitment required to meet our clients’ needs.


Over 40 years guarantee our professionalism and know-how in the design and manufacture of industrial gearboxes.


Active listening and a customised service to meet the needs of our clients, suppliers and employees.


We analyse project and design industrial power transmission equipment to meet each client’s needs and according to the requested efficiency, quality and cost criteria.


Integrating technologyinnovation and quality controls into all production processes, ensuring the utmost efficiency and excellence in all of our products. Quality Policy



Extensive experience in the design and manufacture of all types of equipment for a variety of iron and steel and rolling processes, gearboxes for levellers and straighteners, etc. All reliable and guaranteed to perform under demanding and extreme working conditions.

Specialists in the design and manufacture of all types of equipment for the world’s leading equipment manufacturers, and end users in the rubber industry. The design and solution offered for each project, durability and low noise levels are technical requirements that are increasingly important and in demand with our clients.

Professionalism and experience in the design and manufacture of reliable and safe equipment, adapted to perform under the most demanding working and environmental conditions which are characteristic of these industries.

Professionalism and experience in developing and manufacturing equipment that meets all of the specifications of each client.

Extensive experience in the design and manufacture of all types of equipment for the food industry. Technology, efficiency and durability in each product offer the client the best results and optimise their production processes.

We have extensive experience in the design and manufacture of all types of equipment for these industrial sectors, robust and reliable equipment, designed according to the specifications of each client and the working conditions specific to this market.

We are present in various renewable energy sectors (wind, tidal, hydropower…) designing and manufacturing equipment according to the specifications and technical requirements of each client, and using technologies with a low environmental impact that help to care for the ecosystem.