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It's not only about the size!

It's not only about the size!

As a customized gearbox company, at Guibe it is very common to be manufacturing at the same time different kind of gearboxes: each with its own technical requirements, for many various industries and applications and of course of many different sizes.

Today we would like to share the pictures of these two gearboxes that we have just currently finished manufacturing to show how different our products can be one from another, and not only in terms of size!

-         The grey gearbox will be working at the rubber industry, at a mixing line. It is an independent drive, with two kinematics at the same housing. Also, in this case, we will provide a complete supply including, together with the gearbox, the lubrication unit, base plate for both gearbox and motor and a monitoring system. In a future post we will show pictures of this complete scope of supply!

-         The little white gearbox is intended to work at the steel industry as a pinch roll feeder.

Guibe provides tailor-made gearboxes; no matter the size, industry, scope of supply or application, every special gearbox represents a new and exciting project for us!

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