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Let’s go into a bottom scraper gearbox!

Let’s go into a bottom scraper gearbox!

We are very excited to share with you the picture of the inside of the gearbox so that you can all see the gears, wheels and rest of the components that are part of our machines.

After finishing the assembly, running the tests and painting it the gearbox is ready to do his job! In this case, this machine is a bottom scraper gearbox which is needed in stock towers to ensure a correct pulp consistency.

Check the details!

-         Parallel shaft gearbox with 4 stages and horizontal shafts

-         Interchangeable to the original one

-         Increase of power transmission capacity compared to the original gearbox


As well as bottom scraper gearboxes, Guibe also offers solutions for all other paper industry applications such as debarking, woodchipper, conveyor, agitator, pulper, dryer, yankee and coiler.  

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