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Mining and cement

Mining and cement

Gearboxes for mining and cement

At GUIBE we have extensive experience in the design and manufacture of gears and gearboxes for the world's leading equipment manufacturers and end users in the cement and mining industry. Technology, efficiency and durability applied to each product provide customers with the best results and the optimisation of their production processes.

If you need a repair or maintenance service for gearboxes, independent of their sector or manufacturer, GUIBE can help you. Our service includes analysis and re-engineering for the modernisation of equipments or its repowering to improve and optimise the original characteristics proposed by the customer.
Tailor-made gearboxes
Gearboxes for ball mills
Gearboxes for conveyor belts
Gearboxes for rotary kilns
Gearboxes for vertical mills
Type of customer
End users (drop-in)
GUIBE planetary gearboxes have a high quality, modular design with high energy efficiency.

Planetary gearboxes

At GUIBE we have a repair and inspection service for gearboxes, both for our own and for gearboxes manufactured by other companies.

Gearbox service and repair

Steel and aluminium
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Mining and cement
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