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Industrial gearboxes
Planetary gearbox manufacturers

planetary gearbox manufacturers

Planetary gearbox manufacturers

At GUIBE we specialise in the manufacture of planetary gearboxes for industrial applications in sugar cane, cement, rubber and all types of industries. As planetary gearbox manufacturers, at GUIBE we feature a high quality, modular design, with high energy efficiency, low noise level, long service life and easy access for maintenance.

We specialise in the design and manufacture of gears and gearboxes for major equipment manufacturers and end users with machines distributed all around the world. All GUIBE planetary gearboxes are offered in high capacity ranges with proven quality.

Ready-to-use sizes guarantee not only a wide torque spectrum, but also a product range that offers multiple options. Make the most of the flexibility and advantages of the planetary gearboxes that we offer at GUIBE.


With a wide range of gearbox types, sizes and configurations, we offer adaptable planetary gearbox solutions for all industrial applications. Planetary gearbox manufacturers.
All Guibe planetary gearbox units are offered in high capacity ranges with proven Guibe quality. Ready available sizes guarantee not only a large torque spectrum but also a product range that provides you with multiple options.  Make the most of the flexibility Guibe offers, leverage the advantages of Guibe planetary gear units. Here, you will find off-the-shelf, highly sophisticated drive and gear unit solutions, we are planetary gearbox manufacturers.

Our standard product range already includes solutions for a large number of specific requirements that need to be taken into consideration in a great variety of applications. Guibe also manufacturers helical planetary gearbox and bevel planetary gearboxes. These planetary gearboxes are deployed in demanding industrial environments including Packaging, Textile, Chemical, Sugar, Material Handling Equipment, Mining, and Steel industries. At GUIBE we also offer complete planetary gearbox repair services. We service gearboxes from several industries such as Rubber and plastic, Mining, Steel and Aluminium, Mill, Sugar, Cement and Mining, Elevation and Transports, Test benches and More! Our technicians have an extended experience in gearbox repair, rebuilding and customization. We have a bast experience delivering planetary gearbox repair.

Planetary gearbox manufacturers

This planetary gearbox increases the lifespan of your equipment and optimizes performance. Planetary gearboxes come in either a solid type of hollow format or with a variety of mounting options including a flange, shaft, or foot. The planetary gearbox is made up of three elements: a central gear, many gears known as satellites or planets, and a central or internal crown. Planetary gearbox manufacturers. The planetary gearbox is ideal for its endurance, accuracy, and distinct functionality and is notable for its precision applications.

The input shaft is in turn connected to the main or center gear. This is in charge of transmitting the rotational movement to the satellite gears. The satellite gears, in turn, rotate on the central crown of the planetary gearbox, thus transmitting the movement to the output shaft of the reducer. On the other hand, precision planetary gearbox can have one or more reduction stages. Helical gears increase the contact surface compared to spur gear.

In this way they achieve a lower game and less noise. The cylindrical shape of these planetary gearboxes is what adds versatility and precision. This means that they have a proven affinity with all types of spaces, which guarantees adaptability. These planetary gearboxes usually have a higher axial and radial load speed. The latter not only indicates that they offer perfect repeatability, but also such deep solidity that it completely prevents gear misalignment.The planetary gearbox is characterized by a high degree of effectiveness and, thanks to its compact construction, offers a high power density compared to other types of gearbox construction. Especially, the use of a hollow wheel reduces both the volume and the mass of this type of reducer. Feel free to contact us if you should have any questions, we will be happy to respond as planetary gearbox manufacturers.
Cyber-physical system that allows monitoring and diagnostics in local mode.

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At GUIBE we have a repair and validation service for gearboxes, whether our own or those of other manufacturers.

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