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Guibe is constantly working on the development of high added value and high efficiency reducers for power transmission applications, the most important areas of action being the following:
Energy efficiency

A key aspect of the global strategy for sustainable growth, Guibe works to improve transmission error, gear topology, bearing configurations, shaft seal systems, and the reducer lubrication and cooling systems.

Gear design optimisation

Core part of a transmission system, Guibe has its own technology for the calculation and design of the microgeometry of the teeth.

Noise minimisation

In seeking the most silent systems, we work on optimising the correction of the teeth and rigidity of the housing.

Reducer status monitoring and diagnosis

SmartG is reducer´s monitoring and diagnosis system that enables condition monitoring to be performed, interrelating this with other process variables.

Complete and global solutions

Development of global and joint Goizper-Guibe solutions, providing competitive and technological improvements.

Laser quenching

In conjunction with the Tekniker technology centre, the use of laser quenching is studied to minimise dimensional distortions and stresses from heat treatments.

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