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Rubber and plastic

Gearboxes for rubber and plastic

Processing of rubber and plastics

At GUIBE we specialise in the design and manufacture of gears and gearboxes for the world's leading equipment manufacturers and end users in the rubber industry. In the design and solution of the gearbox for rubber and plastic offered in each project, the durability and high performance are differentiating technical requirements that are increasingly valued and demanded by our customers. We manufacture both parallel and planetary industrial gearboxes working in collaboration with our customers.

If you need a repair or maintenance service for gearboxes, independent of their sector or manufacturer, GUIBE can help you. Our service includes analysis and re-engineering for the modernisation of equipments or its repowering to improve and optimise the original characteristics proposed by the customer.
Planetary and parallel gearboxes for rubber and plastic
Gearbox for Banbury
Gearbox for Intermix
Type of customer
End users (drop-in)
Supply range
Input and output couplings
Lubrication groups
Noise hoods
Base plates
Condition monitoring
Reducers for
Single spindle
Corotative double spindle
Anti-clockwise double spindle
Type of customer
End users (drop-in)
Calender reducers
2 cylinder
3 cylinder
4 cylinder
5 cylinder
Type of customer
End users (drop-in)
Monobloc and modular reducers
Brakes and pneumatic installations
Input couplings
Lubrication group
Universal joint
Base plate
GUIBE planetary gearboxes have a high quality, modular design with high energy efficiency.

Planetary gearboxes

At GUIBE we have a repair and inspection service for gearboxes, both for our own and for gearboxes manufactured by other companies.

Gearbox service and repair

Cyber-physical system for local monitoring and diagnostics of transmission components


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