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Repair and optimisation of GUIBE reducers and of any other manufacturer.
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Industrial gearbox repair

At GUIBE we have a repair and inspection service for gearboxes, for both our own gearboxes and those of other manufacturers. Our service includes analysis and redesign for the modernisation of equipment or its repowering to improve and optimise the original functions proposed by the customer. We also offer technical assistance and after-sales services. Repair of GUIBE gearboxes and those of any other manufacturer. Do not hesitate to get in touch with our team for any industrial gearbox repair or service.

At GUIBE we offer complete industrial gearbox repair services. We service gearboxes from several industries such as Rubber and plastic, Mining, Steel and Aluminium, Mill, Sugar, Cement and Mining, Elevation and Transports, Test benches and More! Our technicians have an extended experience in gearbox repair, rebuilding and customization.

...In-house engineering.
…Latest generation machinery, tools and dynamic panels.
…Human team with more than 40 years experience in transmission components.

We adapt to your needs and offer you complete solutions for reducers by any manufacturer.

Industrial gearbox repair experts

Do you want to know what condition your reducer is in? We can visit your facilities to carry out inspections on any brand. We help you avoid unexpected stoppages through a preventive maintenance approach. You can count on our technical support for both scheduled inspections and emergencies.

We offer you:
Visual inspections using video endoscopy
Vibration analysis
Oil analysis
Assessment of conditions through a detailed report
We repair reducers of any brand and deliver them to you as new. We bring the reducer to our facilities for dismantling, cleaning and inspection. We inform you about the deteriorations detected and about possible improvements to the design of the reducer. Our goal is to offer you a comprehensive solution, including:
Gear verification on our 3D machine
Housing verification using FARO technology
Crack detection using magnetic particle inspections
Leak detection using penetrating liquid inspections
Gear manufacture on our machines
Replacement of bearings and seals
Assembly, adjustments and verifications of contacts and clearances
Running-in on our test bench
In many cases, small design changes have a major effect on the operation of the reducer. To improve the performance of your application, it is not always necessary to change the entire reducer. We analyse the possibility of optimising the design of your reducers to:
Improve their performance
Increase their durability
Reinforce critical elements
Avoid breakage and premature wear
Improve the functioning of the reducer and its lubrication system
Would you like to plan ahead and schedule the maintenance of your reducers? We offer you the following services:
Preventive maintenance approach identifying critical/wear components
Manufacture/supply and replacement of critical elements
Technical advice
Reducer replacement

During the reducer inspection we check the components and their geometry on our machines. This allows us to design and manufacture spare parts for any other manufacturer without the original drawings.

Industrial gearbox repair - GUIBE Team

We work on many brands, makes and models of industrial gearboxes. We can repair any configuration of gearbox from right angle, single extruders, double extruders, exposed gear combination, cooling tower configurations and more. With our expert staff, we can service and repair gearboxes and speed reducers. We inspect and assess the entire unit for issues such as cracks and chips in gear shafts and bearings. When we've finished, we'll notify you of all repairs needed. We will repair your gearbox to the highest standards and will not compromise on quality, service, or value. Our technicians can do gearbox repairs onsite and worldwide, reducing downtime and lowering costs or you can ship your gearbox or speed reducer.

All gearbox repairs are completed to the manufacturer's original specification, using genuine spare parts by default but reverse engineering replacement components when needed. We thoroughly inspect and test everything before we return it back. Your gearbox or reducer will be repaired to the original factory like-new specifications with GUIBE's warranty. Our industrial gearbox repair team is the industry’s most versed gearbox problem solvers with years worth of experience. We provide both standard and custom services, for maximum industrial gearbox life. So you can trust GUIBE with your small, medium, and gearbox repair services. We are the Gearbox Team, We Repair Gearboxes.

We have a highly qualified human team. The improvement and optimisation of production processes and the development of our own technology allows us to offer personalised projects for each customer, increasing their competitiveness. Robustness, reliability, technology, guarantee and quality. These values are intrinsic in all our products. Modern facilities, with advanced technology and continuous investments in state-of-the-art machinery, these are competitive advantages that provide us with the flexibility and ability to adapt to the needs of each market. GUIBE is currently part of the GOIZPER GROUP Industrial Business, a cooperative group structured into diversified businesses: Spraying, Industrial and Biotechnology.


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