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Mantis project

Mantis project

Goizper Industrial is one of the Basque companies that have participated in the European project, MANTIS, to develop solutions for improving the maintenance of production processes.

Activating predictive maintenance strategies in production systems increases the availability of equipment, reduces the probability of breakdown, increases the safety of the manufacturing process and increases the use of resources.

It is towards this end that the European MANTIS project has been developed with an initiative aimed at designing and developing predictive maintenance solutions based on 4.0 technologies to improve productivity.

The consortium of companies and organisations that have participated in MANTIS are: Fagor Arrasate, Koniker, MSI, the IK4-IKERLAN technology centre, Goizper and Mondragon Unibertsitate, which led the project.

The solutions developed within the framework of the project involve sensors and integrated systems that allow the processes to be monitored. With this analysis it is then possible to predict and prevent malfunctions that cause production interruptions, and to estimate the future performance of the equipment.

At Goizper Industrial, Smart G has been the solution developed to predict critical situations in power transmission components: brakes, clutches, turning systems, rotary indexers, gearboxes, gears, etc.

This project was started in 2015 and it was June 2018 when the results and the final solutions were published.

The viability of the systems and the implementation of these developments will be applied in various industrial areas where predictive analysis is used, such as, in the maintenance of production equipment, vehicle management, power generation or for maintaining equipment in the health sector, amongst others.

The project has been funded by the Electronics Components and Systems for European Leadership Joint Undertaking (ECSEL JU).

It is also part of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme

For more information: http://www.mantis-project.eu/

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