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The European CREMA Project to prevent breakdowns in industrial machinery has drawn to a close with enormous success.

The European CREMA Project to prevent breakdowns in industrial machinery has drawn to a close with enormous success.

Goizper Industrial as a company that is part of the CREMA (Cloud-based Rapid Elastic Manufacturing) project offers real-time control systems enabling to foresee possible breakdowns in the machines' critical components and to take corrective and preventive actions.

CREMAnufacture is the new solution of this project which offers its customers an integrated platform to:

  • Identify, foresee and reduce production errors
  • Control and monitor in real time the condition of the machines' transmission components
  • Eliminate downtime due to repairs and reduce inefficiencies.

In addition to the strategy of predictive maintenance and the generation of online alarms, CREMA will also provide a digital market for finding swift responses from suppliers when any resource is required, such as interventions by the SAT team, spare parts, assemblies etc.

Goizper is included on this suppliers list, where suppliers can catalogue their resources in the CREMA digital market, Horizon H2020 EUROPEAN COMMISSION project.

The power transmission components (brakes, clutches, rotation systems, cams etc.) are key components which are part of large-scale manufacturing machinery and equipment for various production sectors. The operation of these components, at full capacity and over longer periods of time, are the key factor in the efficiency and effectiveness of the manufacturing processes. It is essential to have preventive control systems in order to avoid breakdowns and possible technical problems.

The new technologies will enable the constant monitoring of the functioning of machines helping companies to know when it is the right moment to replace a specific machine component.

In this fashion, it is intended to obtain peak performance from the machinery components and, at the same time, prevent the occurrence of breakdowns.

These tools will enable the real time data capture from the machines in the production plants, to store, monitor same and perform a continuous analysis of the evolution of the control indicators.

If a problem is detected, for example, in the quality standards of a process or in the abnormal operation of a machine's critical component, an alarm will be triggered which will initiate a collaborative process between the different parties involved in a repair: the machine's client company, the component supplier and the technical assistance service.

This is intended to drastically reduce the time needed for interventions and the costs thereof by increasing the available capacity of production resources.

Further information: http://www.cremanufacture.com/news/goizper-crema/

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